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Power Supply ICs

Power Supply ICs

The Power Supply ICs refers to the control integrated circuit of witching power supply, and the power supply relies on it to adjust the stability of the output voltage and current.

The Power Supply ICs play an increasingly important role in the industry, with the development of science, technology and the intelligent Internet, the trend of portable products and the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection. A few years ago, the Power Supply ICs was only an integrated voltage regulator and a DC/DC converter, but now the it covers a lot of things, including DC/DC, LDO, battery charge and discharge management, PWM controller, Reset, PFC (power factor). Correction), energy saving control, power MOSEFT, etc.

The current development of Power Supply ICss is not limited to a single function, but integrates various functions. Power Supply ICss are now more commonly referred to as power management ICs or power management units (PMUs). It is precisely because of the increasing use of the Power Supply ICs, and to some extent, the abuse of the device or the insufficient use, so the recycle of Power Supply ICs presents a certain market vitality.

Recycling Power Supply ICs can improve the resource configuration , and can play a very good effect in environmental protection. ExcessChip Technology Co. Ltd. is able to recycle your excess. In the electronics recycling industry, ExcessChip Technology has a unique advantage.

Power Supply ICs have a great effect on the popularity of smart phones. As the users’ increasing demand, the requirements of Power Supply ICs need to be more and more refined. But the more functions, the more energy is consumed, and the vast majority of the power supply voltages are not the same. As the current demand increases, they need more power. For example, after upgraded from 2G voice calls to 3G video phones, demand of power had doubled. The more diversified functions in a mobile phone, the more power consumption, which is the trend of power management chip development. Therefor there is a issue about energy saving. We can promote the development of Power IC management if we can recycle the Power Supply ICs. 

In the past, many mobile phones used LDOs to supply power to various components of mobile phones. Although LDO has the characteristics of low cost, small package, few peripheral components and low noise, its conversion efficiency is low, and it can only be used for bucking occasions. LDO efficiency depends on the ratio of output to input voltage. When the input voltage is 3.6V and the output voltage is 1.5V, the efficiency is only 41.7%. This low efficiency not only wastes a lot of power when the output current is large, but also will cause chip heating to affect system stability. The components of the 4G mobile phone require multiple voltage levels. In many cases, especially when the voltage difference is large, the LDO has been difficult to meet the power supply requirements. Therefore, the solution of DC/DC became a solution to replace the LDO. I believe that technology solutions would be better.

Some people may ask what kind of Power Supply ICs we would recycle since there are many types of them. Is there a brand requirement? Our answer is that the recycling type depends on our evaluation and no brand required. As long as you have excess power IC inventory, we will work out a matching solution to meet your sales needs.