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FET Modules

FET Modules

What is a FET?

FET (field-effect transistor) is an electronic component that controls current through an electric field effect. It relies on an electric field to control the shape of the conductive channel, thus controlling the conductivity of the channel of a certain type of carrier in the semiconductor material. Field effect transistors are sometimes referred to as "unipolar transistors".

Field effect transistors were invented by Julius Edgar Lilienfeld in 1925 and by Oskar Heil in 1934, but the practical devices were not manufactured until 1952 (junction field effect transistors). In 1960, Dawan Kahng invented the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, which replaced most of the JFET, which has far-reaching significance for the development of the electronics industry.

FETs are made up of a variety of semiconductors, and silicon is currently the most common. Most FETs are fabricated by conventional bulk semiconductor fabrication techniques using single crystal semiconductor wafers as reaction regions, or trenches. Most of the uncommon materials are mainly amorphous silicon, polycrystalline silicon or other amorphous semiconductors in thin film transistors or organic field effect transistors. Organic field effect transistors are based on organic semiconductors, often with organic gate insulators and electrodes.

The FET module is a kind of discrete device. There are many merchants selling FET modules, including mouser, digkey, etc., and the market demand is very strong. ExcessChip Technology, Inc. can recycle your excess FET modules in order to maximize the use of resources and help vendors reduce excessive FET module inventory pressure.

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