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Audio ICs

Audio ICs

      Audio IC is the most basic device in the audio system. Its mission is to amplify weak electrical signals and then carry them out from the signal source. So the audio IC controls the audio output and input. Through this device, the sound signal can be effectively converted. Our mobile phone and TV can make sound because of it. Its main function is to source the sound source. The weak input signal is amplified to generate enough current to push the speaker for sound reproduction. In consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, and different range of use and control adjustment functions, different power amplifiers have different internal signal processing, circuit design and production processes.

      The demand for audio IC is gradually increasing with the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and the audio IC output of various brands is also rising. However, the equipment has a limited using life. Recycle can help audio IC be used to the maximum extent. In recent years, the prosperity of the electronics industry has also help the development of recycling companies. For example, ExcessChip Technology Limited is an company recycling electronic component. Please contact us to help you solve the problem of excess if you have excess electronic components.

      The most obvious advantage to recycle audio IC is that to save energy. Recycling electronic products is a very valuable business. ExcessChip Technology Limited. believes that we can do better and make our customers more satisfied.

      The following is a list of models we recycle:

      Common PN: CYW-UTC2030, YW-UTC2030A, TDA2030, TDA2030A, YG2025, TEA2025, YW-UTC8227, YW-UTC2822H/D, YW-UTC2003, SD7408, TDA2025, T8663A, YW-UTC386, LM386, A7013, SA7347, YW-UTC8207, TDA2822H/D and so on.

      Amplifier IC: 2W-20W-YX series, YX8002A, YX8002B, YX8002D YX4871 YX6871 YX8871 YX8403 YX3008 YX8103-NS series, NS4158, NS4159, NS4250 NS4150 NS4160, XPT series, XPT9920 XPT9910series, CS series, CS8532, CS8353, MIX2008, MIX2017.

      RDA: RDA5802E, RDA5802H, RDA5802N.

      AIROHA: AR1010, AR1019.

      MP3, MP4 master chip: RK2606A ATJ2091 ATJ2097 ACU7513 ACU7515 ATJ2051 buying K9G8G08U0M-PCB0 / K9WAG08U1A-PCB0 / K9HBG08U1M-PCB0 / K9HCG08U1M-PCB0HY27UU088G5M-TPCB / K9LAG08U0M-PCB0 / K9F4G08U0A-PCB0 / K9G4G08U0M-PCB0 HY27UF082G2A-TPCBHY27UT084G2M- TPCB K9K8G08UOM.