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Inventory Transactions Details : MSP430F149IPM, LP3875ES-ADJ, ASSR-4110-003E




Good morning, I am Elena Annibali and I work as a Temporary Export Manager for several partners. My client Elfi Electronics (www.elfisrl.it) is trying to get rid of its warehouse stock of obsolete components. We have compiled a first Excel of the material we have available at the moment and I would like to submit it to your attention. The file aleady shows producers'codes, most of the data codes, boxes/reels no.etc. The data codes missing can be sourced on request as they are difficoult to see

Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
MSP430F149IPM TI 244 nd Quote
LP3875ES-ADJ 310 pz 225- 0930 Quote
ASSR-4110-003E 7276 pz 3000 12mar2007 Quote
AD8611ARMZ-R2 AD 1250 pz 1000 0841 Quote
LM2736YMK NS 935 0806 Quote
CY7C1041CV33-10ZSXI 731 pz 600 0843 Quote
LM2594M-3.3 TI 3123 Quote
S29GL128N90TFIR10 SPANSION 1820 0836 Quote
STB11NM80 801 21-07-09 Quote
LM4132DMF-3.0 1026 pz 1000 0930 Quote
OPA2673IRGV 252 1040+5 Quote
BSP75G ZETZX/ETC 510 pz 460 1225 Quote
ASSR-1611-301E AVAGO 375 1311 Quote
ZXTR1005PD8-13 4088 1552 Quote
PDS5100H-13 DIODES 3059 1633 Quote
BPW21R VISHAY 245 1629 Quote
IPB600N25N3 G 736 1614 Quote

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