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Inventory Transactions Details : AQS225R2SXJ, EP3C80F484C8N, LTC1474CMS8#PBF




Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
AQS225R2SXJ Panasonic 6101 Quote
EP3C80F484C8N Intel (Altera) 124 Quote
LTC1474CMS8#PBF Linear Technology Corporation 4716 Quote
OP747ARUZ Analog Devices 5120 Quote
THGBMBG6D1KBAIL Toshiba 2939 Quote
LT6221IS8#PBF Linear Technology Corporation 5708 Quote
CY7C1011DV33-10ZSXIT Infineon (Cypress) 4312 Quote
EPM7160STC100-10N Intel (Altera) 130 Quote
SUM110P04-05-E3 Vishay Semiconductor 4000 Quote
LPC2148FBD64 NXP Semiconductors 880 Quote
LT1767EMS8-3.3#TRPBF Linear Technology Corporation 2500 Quote
MAX4648EUT+T Maxim 3187 Quote
H27U2G8F2CTR-BI Hynix 1958 Quote
AD5300BRTZ Analog Devices 3000 Quote
XC7Z020-1CLG400I Xilinx 134 Quote
XC6SLX100T-2FGG484I Xilinx 58 Quote
LT1946EMS8E#PBF Linear Technology Corporation 2464 Quote
AQY221R2V1Y Panasonic 3602 Quote
DS1305E+ Maxim 4711 Quote
LT6220IS5#PBF Linear Technology Corporation 2495 Quote
ADG621BRMZ Analog Devices 5272 Quote
TPS65150PWP Texas Instruments 3924 Quote
XC7A50T-1CSG324I Xilinx 82 Quote
FCH072N60F ON Semiconductor (Fairchild) 2241 Quote
TLE6240GP Infineon 736 Quote
TLE6368G2 Infineon 842 Quote
LPC3250FET296/01 NXP Semiconductors 396 Quote
IRF8313TRPbF International Rectifier 19593 Quote
Si7850ADP-T1-GE3 Vishay Semiconductor 6412 Quote
TRS3253EIRSMR Texas Instruments 2218 Quote
SP720ABTG Littelfuse 1760 Quote
EN5311QI Intel (Altera) 1066 Quote
AT45DB161E-SHD Microchip (Atmel) 2300 Quote
AD8603AUJZ Analog Devices 3274 Quote
E-L9637D013TR STMicroelectronics 2385 Quote
TPS62150ARGTR Texas Instruments 2296 Quote
TLV2371IDBVR Texas Instruments 3000 Quote
INA210AIDCKR Texas Instruments 2872 Quote
TLC2272ACDR Texas Instruments 2500 Quote
TXB0106IPWRQ1 Texas Instruments 1986 Quote
TPS54427DDAR Texas Instruments 1088 Quote
H5TQ2G83GFR-RDC Hynix 4811 Quote
TJA1055T NXP Semiconductors 1472 Quote
SPC563M64L5 STMicroelectronics 497 Quote
STR912FAW47X6T STMicroelectronics 765 Quote

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