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Inventory Transactions Details : CM2009-02QR, ICM7555CD/01,118, SL18860DCT

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Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
CM2009-02QR SMD IC QSOP16 CM2009-02QR ROHS 1737 2008-2015+ Quote
ICM7555CD/01,118 ICM7555CD C-MOS TIMER SO8=ROH 1668 2008-2015+ Quote
SL18860DCT IC SMD Clock Buffer Lo phase j 2166 2008-2015+ Quote
DAC8571IDGK DAC8571IDGKR 16BIT 8-MSOP SMD= 242 2008-2015+ Quote
TPS3707-33DRG4 SMD IC SO8 TPS3707-33D TEXAS 1815 2008-2015+ Quote
SI9933CDY-T1-GE3 SMD IC-MOSFET SOIC8 SI9933BDY- 2006 2008-2015+ Quote

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