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Inventory Transactions Details : 47UF/450V, 470UF/10V, 47K/1W CFR




excess stock

Model Manufacturer Quantity DateCode Quote
47UF/450V 17597 Quote
470UF/10V NIPPON 10937 Quote
47K/1W CFR 9989 Quote
10UF/400V RUBYCON 481 Quote
47UF/350V 280 Quote
680UF/16V SANYO 300 Quote
330UF/16V nichicon 1622 Quote
22UF/400V RUBYCON 278 Quote
100UF/25V VISHAY 5397 Quote
220UF/10V AVX 4097 Quote
330UF/25V 3490 Quote
ST1S10PHR ST 587 Quote
AOZ1021AI AOS 535 Quote
TPS54286PWP TI 770 Quote
LTV-817B LITEON 22400 Quote
2200UF/10V KETUO 5811 Quote
220UF/25V RUBY 5253 Quote
33UF/450V SAM 2130 Quote
470UF/100V NCC 503 Quote
100UF/16V PANASONIC 1487 Quote
1200UF/10V 1700 Quote
HY5DU561622ETP-D43 HYNIX 98 Quote
STR-A6251 SANKEN 250 Quote
KA5L0365RN FAIRCHILD 1000 Quote
K4S281632I-UC75 SAMSUNG 200 Quote
K4S641632H-UC60 SAMSUNG 365 Quote
K4S641632F-TC60 SAMSUNG 488 Quote
AIC811-26PU4 AIC 200 Quote

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