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About Us

ExcessChip Technology Limited specializes in buying excess inventory of semiconductors and electronic components.

ExcessChip is your expert at solving your excess, obsolete, end-of-life and slow moving electronic component inventory. Our core business is buying and managing inventory that is identified for disposition. The services we provide are trusted and currently used by OEM's, tier 1 and tier 2 CEM's and distribution located all over the world. It is our goal to help our customers yield the highest returns on their Excess Inventory with the highest Integrity.

Our Services:
Instant cash for your stock; Stock removal including all packing and transportation costs; Fast evaluation, offer & removal of your stock; Free up valuable warehouse space & administration costs by removing excess stock.

ExcessChip Technology Co. Ltd.

Selling Options

Flexible Ways to Sell Your Stock
ExcessChip is a very dedicated team of individuals who work hard to give you the security and comfort that comes from working with a highly professional selling partner. Even if it's just a few lines of inventory or thousands of parts, we can assist you.

Immediate Payment

We assess your stock for immediate purchase
Once purchase is agreed your stock is quickly removed
You get immediate cash, complete removal of goods and no ongoing liability

Full Consignment

We sell your stock to maximize market value
Once the purchase is agreed upon, your stock is quickly removed
Your stock is relocated to our ISO approved warehouse

Part Payment & Consignment

We buy your stock for immediate cash and a percentage of future sales
Your surplus stock is removed and marketed worldwide
You maximize return by getting immediate cash and ongoing revenue

Professional Services

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