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  • Q: I have some new, old and surplus parts mixed, can you buy it?

    A: ExcessChip only buy new and original excess parts. We don't buy used or not original parts.

  • Q: How can I sell my excess inventory of electronic parts?

    A: You can upload a list of excess inventory on our company's official website. You can also send a email to us. We will process your request in 24 hours. If we are interested in your list, we would offer you a price.

  • Q: What do I need to do?

    A: Just send your excess list to us. We request that you provide: Part Number, Quantity, Date Code, Lot bid or line bid. selling price, Your own inventory or not.

  • Q: What type of electronic parts you are interested to buy?

    A: We mainly buy ICs now, but you could also send us your list if you got memory chips, capacitors,resistors, LED chips, passive components, discrete component, etc...

  • Q: Do I need to register a member to upload a list of excess electronic components?

    A: No, you don't need to register a member. You can upload the excess inventory list directly.

  • Q: Why choose ExcessChip to recycle your inventory?

    A: ExcessChip is a professional companies to recycling excess inventory of electronic parts. In the filed of excess inventory, ExcessChip has rich experience, which is an international market-oriented professional recycling excess inventory company. We have a sound inventory recovery management system. We have the ability to meet customer requests. We can assure customers to sell the inventory quickly and conveniently.

  • Q: What makes ExcessChip's electronics recycling stand out from the competition?

    A: We recruit specialists from major Asian countries who have an in-depth understanding of the business culture and know-how.

  • Q: I do not have the resources available to work on excess inventory.

    A: We would send a team to pull, pack, and ship the material, under your direction. All you have to do is identify your surplus assets and ExcessChip will handle the logistics.

  • Q: How long will it take?

    A: We would reply in 24 hours after you sent a list to us. If we agree on a price, after we checked your photos, we would pay immediately.

  • Q: How It Works?

    A: You send us a list and we would offer you a price. If we agren on a price and other issues, we would pay right away.

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