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Electronic recycling has a great significance at the peak of electronic scrap


Electronic recycling has a great significance at the peak of electronic scrap

The electronic products are entering an unprecedented period of retirement and elimination in the word, strengthening the management of waste electrical and electronic products such as circulation and recycling, promoting the comprehensive utilization of resources, and electronic recycling to protect the environment have become imperative.

Since last year, the country has successively introduced relevant new policies. The Ministry of Commerce has issued the "Measures for the Administration of Circulation of Used Electrical and Electronic Products" and it has already been effective. However, from the effect point of view, statistics show that last year, the gap between the amount of scrapped electrical and electronic products in China and the amount of product processing has been expanded to 55.19 million units, which is several times the previous year's statistics. The amount of scrapped materials will continue to grow at a high rate in the next few years. There are many problems with recycling electronics companies.

According to the Excesschip inc.'s conclusions, the refurbished product posing as a new product for sale is a clear-cut rule. Miss Zhang, a white-collar worker working in a foreign company in Hong Kong, is a mobile phone fan. As long as a South Korean brand launches a flagship mobile phone every year, she buys it in time, and the original mobile phone is sold to the same store at about half the original price. “They revamped my old phone and sold it as a new phone, but since I bought the latest one every year, I wouldn’t use a refurbished machine.”

Excesschip inc. recycles all kinds of IC chips in factories with sluggish inventory and customs auctions, including: various types of memory: SRAM, DRAM, SDRAM, DDR, SDRAM, FLASH, EEPROM, MCU (single chip microcomputer), LCD display ICs, and DVD televisions. ICs, set-top box ICs, communication products ICs, computer ICs and so on world brand manufacturers ICs. It also includes various MOS transistors, electrolytic capacitors, receiving heads, diodes, light emitting diodes, MLCC capacitors, Hall elements, optoelectronic devices, memory chips BGA, light emitting diodes, relays, and electronic components such as power modules. In the domestic and Hong Kong delivery, sincerely welcome customers and suppliers to inquire to discuss cooperation!