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Why do I need to recycle excess inventory and to retain inventory


Why do I need to recycle excess inventory and to retain inventory

Why do I need to retain inventory?

There are five basic reasons for retaining inventory

Time factor - The time lag from supplier to user in each phase of the supply chain will encourage you to maintain a certain amount of inventory during this delivery time. During this time, you should probably predict the demand for the parts you are selling, in fact, the inventory should remain consumed during the “change in delivery time”. That is because why the ordering time can be solved by making a reservation, and the customer can be required to place an order in advance.
Seasonal demand: demand changes cyclically, because production capacity is fixed, but demand is difficult to predict, if demand is declining in a certain period of time, which may lead to accumulation of inventory, a sudden increase in demand at a certain time, then we have to have more Inventory, so we need to anticipate future consumption.
Uncertainty - Excess Inventory can act as a buffer to deal with the uncertainty of cargo flow and supply. To meet the needs of customers
Economies of scale - Under the ideal conditions of "when and when to buy", the logistics will lead to more costs for the company. As a result, these companies tend to choose a large number of purchases, which brings economies of scale and therefore retains a certain amount of inventory.
Value added - In some cases, the value of certain product inventories will increase further after a period of time to meet the required consumption or production standards. And the scarcity of time to the product will make some companies happy to keep inventory. For example; beer in the brewing industry, as well as the antiques industry.
All of these stock reasons can be applied to any product. The same is true in the electronic components industry. Today, if you have a large inventory of MLCC capacitors, then the benefits you get will be great.

Reasons for recycling excess inventory :

1. Helping companies focus on their core business. Beyond that Core Technology can recycle electronic inventory at a high price, companies don't have to worry about excessive electronic component inventory, which can help the company focus on the development of its core business.

2. Reuse of resources, inventory recycling can maximize the use of resources while protecting the Earth's ecological environment.

3. Inventory recycling can promote the comprehensive development of the industry, and it is easier to form a complete industrial chain and scale development.

4. Inventory recycling can promote employment to a certain extent, and can ease the pressure on the country's employment situation.

Where to sell my excess inventory

You can look for excess inventory buyers through the Google search engine, and as far as I know, through the internet, you can find buyers who recycle various types of excess inventory.ExcessChip Technology is a company that specializes in recycling excess inventory of electronic components, and you can sell your inventory to Excesschip,it will accept your request quickly and give you a reasonable price.