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Three Suggestion for Your Excess Inventory


Three Suggestion for Your Excess Inventory

"Inventory is money sitting around in a different form," writes Rhonda Abrams. And unless you can sell it, excess inventory can be a huge drain on profits.


So here comes the first suggestion-----Don't keep the excess inventory too long. Doing nothing is a choice. It is a decision to allow the value of your excess electronic components to diminish with every passing day. While in rare instances obsolete electronic components can increase in value that is the exception and not the rule. Over time, newer, better, more compliant, and efficient products emerge and diminish the user base of your aging inventory. Throw in date code restricted users, oxidation, and other storage-related issues and you can see why time is NOT on your side.


Second suggestion: Don't sell it on EBAY, Craigslist or some other surplus site unless the value of your products is not high.It seems tempting to be able to reach the masses,but keep in mind that the most active of the masses are scammers. Anyone who has ever sold an item of value on one of these sites better be ready to be on high alert for scammers. Just Google search “craigslist scam” and you’ll see what we mean. Most legitimate purchasing agents do not buy from these sites. MANY counterfeiting operations make a living from their EBAY stores. You do not want your surplus electronic inventory to be associated with that.


 Third suggestion:Don't take the loss and crush it. Some buyers get so frustrated that it's just not worth it to resell the stock. While crushing their parts and getting a Certificate of Destruction can yield them some tax benefits. In the current climate this option rarely makes sense, especially considering that you can structure your agreement with your excess vendor, in such a way that you take the benefits of the loss with the potential of getting a good portion of the value back over time.


At last, we suggest you to find a professional company to clear up your stock. You may take us for consideration.We are ExcessChip Corp. specializing in recycling all kinds of electronic components.


 Thanks for reading.