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The Process We Buy Excess Inventory from You


The Process We Buy Excess Inventory from You

This step-by-step guide may help you get cash for your surplus inventory or dead inventory.


First, How to Contact us?

You can contact buyers or directly upload your excess list on our website.

There are two buyers for your choice.

Eva Shi:
Email: purchase@excesschip.com;
Tel:   +852-53965955;

Second, What Information We Need?

We need enough information from you to evaluate the inventory.

The most important thing is Part Number, Quantity and Date Code. Provide manufacturer, pictures, and a target price, if possible.


Third, We Would Send You Feedback Within 24 Hours

If we are interested in your inventory, we would offer you a price.

If we are not interested in your inventory, you will be notified.


Forth, Information before Payment.

If our price is good for you, we need below information before we pay you.

  1. Photos of label, chips, whole qty, original packing and bags;

2. Gross weight and total volume of the goods;

3. The cheapest freight to Hong Kong (we may also arrange transportation ourselves).


Fifth, You Got The Money.

If everything goes well, we would pay you as soon as possible.


What Kind of Inventory We Are Interested in?

Below criterias for your reference:

  1. We want mostly: ICs, capacitor and resistors.
  2. We may also buy: Modules, LED, Sensors, Hard drives, Relays, Cables and Processors.
  3. We definitely don’t buy: PCB, LCD, IPC.
  4. For date code, we prefer: 10+~15+.
  5. We only buy original electronic parts.