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Why is there a big gap in the recycling price of electronic components?


Why is there a big gap in the recycling price of electronic components?

Many manufacturers dealing with excess electronic components, they will find that the price difference of most recycling is relatively large, even if the same type of electronic components have the same large price difference. Let's discuss the reasons for the large price difference between recycled electronic components:

1, Damaged Condition

      The degree of damage is the most important factor in determining the recycling price of electronic components, including the degree of damage to the packaging and the degree of damage to the product;

Degree of damage to the package: If it is only slightly damaged or damaged, such as keeping the original packaging, the recycling company only needs to know the integrity of the goods through the label, or there is no original packaging original label, it is already a bulk cargo, then even There is definitely a difference in the price of recycling for a type of product recycling company.

Damage degree of the product: If the product is not damaged, there is no appearance problem such as oxidation, damage, etc., and there is no functional failure. The recycling company can use it after recycling, so the price of recycling will be higher, such as the damage of the product needs to be simple. After the treatment, it can be used again and again, the recovery price is lower, and the damage is more serious, and the useful metal can only be extracted by incineration. The value is not very high, so the recycling price of electronic components is also It is even lower.


2, Different Brand

      Brands are also an important determinant of the price of electronic components. A same electronic component, the factory from different brands, the recycling cost is naturally different, such as mobile phone chips, Samsung and Apple, in addition to the brand is completely different, for the electronic components recycling price, then Apple must be Be higher than Samsung's.


3, Date Code

     Date Code mean the production year and cycle of the product, Many manufacturers, companies or individuals will accumulate more electronic components in the recycling process, and thus there will be more differences in the degree of new and old electronic components, and the new and old It also directly affects the price of electronic components, and the newer electronic components have higher recycling prices, while the older ones are naturally lower. The batch number of the product is the most intuitive factor affecting the product. It is also best to avoid it. It only needs to be processed in time to stop the loss in time.  2019 is Coming. Now is the best time to clean up your excess inventory. If you need dealing with your excess inventory, welcome to contact me with free, we will provide you with the best price.