Electronic Component Inventory Recycling

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There are many types of electronic components. Common ones include resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, sensors, diodes, integrated circuits, relays, etc. These electronic components have their own characteristics and play different roles in electronic systems. Combinations and matching enable various functions and applications.

In the production process of electronic products, various electronic components are inseparable, and sluggish materials will inevitably be produced. Generally speaking, sluggish electronic materials refer to the inventory of electronic components that have not been consumed in the past period and will not be in demand in the future. It has been confirmed by R&D, engineering, quality and other relevant departments that they cannot be replaced or changed.

For terminal enterprises, sluggish electronic materials are a headache. They not only occupy inventory storage space and increase inventory management costs, but are also a waste of resources. Faced with sluggish inventory of electronic components, some terminal companies may choose to package and sell them to electronic component recycling merchants in one go. However, when electronic component inventory is disposed of in this way, the price is usually very low, and is basically recycled at 20-30% of the current spot price. When the market goes down, it is even based on 10% of the original purchase price. Recycle. If the inventory of sluggish electronic components is diverse, the price is likely to be lower.

This high-value electronic component inventory recycling model has an extremely low capital recovery rate for terminal companies and is extremely unfair in itself. So, the question is, how to sell the sluggish electronic materials from the factory at a high price?

In order to deal with the inventory of dead electronic components in factories, Xiaomao Chip City has launched an electronic component recycling and consignment program with a high capital recovery rate. Kitaoxincheng's electronic component inventory recycling and consignment service not only has fast turnover, but also realizes the true market value of electronic material inventory.

1. Consignment sales model: put the products on the self-operated mall and sell them at market prices to maximize the recovery of funds.

Mao Mao Xincheng has a well-constructed self-operated e-commerce platform with good reputation and reputation in the industry, with an annual traffic of more than one million. It provides free warehousing, packaging, shipping, logistics and other supporting services, through network-wide promotion + big data Precision marketing helps terminal companies quickly increase product exposure, sell idle electronic materials more quickly, and enrich cash flow.

2. Recovery mode: Pay first for recovery, and then conduct sales rebates to increase the recovery rate of funds.

Maomao innovates the electronic component inventory recycling model, pays first for recycling, and helps end companies solve capital turnover problems. However, it does not do "one-time sales". In addition to paying a one-time payment for recycling, we will also provide a certain amount of sales within one year. Rebate, the rebate ratio is generally 30%, and the specific amount is calculated based on the actual monthly sales return amount.

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