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Fun Facts of PCB


Do you know why PCB boards are primarily green? Because they are made from a green material which called glass-epoxy (as shown in the picture). 



Do you know static electricity can damage components on PCBs? it is possible to blow copper traces right off of a PCB with enough static energy.


Then we must talk about the history of the PCB boards. The first PCB patents for "printed wire" were issued in the early 1900's but first came into use after World War II. In 1925, Charles Ducas of the United States submitted a patent application for a method of creating an electrical path directly on an insulated surface by printing through a stencil with electrically conductive inks. Hence the name "printed wiring" or "printed circuit." An Austrian scientist, Dr Paul Eisler, is credited with making the first operational printed wiring board in 1943. It was used as a replacement for bulky radio tube wiring.


For me, PCB board is like a green map with trees and buildings painted on it. What do you think?