The launch of ultra-high voltage transistors

Update Time: Jun 05, 2020    Readership: 1418

The launch of ultra-high voltage transistors

 The research team at the University of Buffalo has developed a new form of power MOSFET transistor. This transistor can handle incredibly high voltages with a minimum thickness, which may improve the efficiency of electric vehicle power electronic components. MOSFET is a very common component in various consumer electronic products, especially in the field of automotive electronics.

 The power MOSFET is a switch specially designed to handle high-power loads. About 50 billion such switches are shipped each year. In fact, they are three-legged, flat electronic components that can be used as voltage-controlled switches. They can turn on and off high-power electronic devices very quickly and are an integral part of electric vehicles.

 The team at the University of Buffalo claimed that they have researched how to use thin paper transistors to handle extremely high voltages. By developing a MOSFET that can handle extremely high voltages with extremely small thickness, the Buffalo team hopes that Work can contribute to smaller, more efficient power electronic devices such as electric vehicles, locomotives, aircraft, microgrid technology, and potentially solid-state transformers.