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Electronic Components are Afraid of Cold


Electronic Components are Afraid of Cold

The effect of humidity on electronic components and the whole machine:

Most electronic products require operation and storage in dry conditions. According to statistics, more than a quarter of industrial manufacturing defective products are related to moisture hazards every year. For the electronics industry, the hazard of moisture has become one of the main factors affecting product quality.

1, integrated circuit: The harm of moisture to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in the fact that moisture can penetrate into the IC through the gap of pins and the like through the IC plastic package, resulting in IC moisture absorption. Water vapor is formed in the heating process of the SMT process, and the generated pressure causes cracking of the IC resin package and oxidation of the metal inside the IC device, resulting in product failure. In addition, when the device is soldered during the PCB board, the solder joint pressure will also cause the solder joint. According to IPC-M190J-STD-03, SMD parts exposed to high humidity air environment must be placed in a dry box below 10% R temperature for 10 times of the exposure time to restore the component's “workshop”. Life", avoiding scrapping, ensuring safety

2. Liquid crystal device: The glass substrate and the polarizer and the filter lens of the liquid crystal device such as the liquid crystal display are cleaned and dried in the production process, but will be affected by the moisture after the temperature is lowered, and the qualified rate of the product is lowered.

3, other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic devices, connectors, switch parts, solder, PCB, crystal, silicon wafer, quartz oscillator, SMT glue, electrode material adhesive, electronic paste, high-brightness devices, etc. Harmful to moisture.

4. Electronic components in the manufacturing process: between the semi-finished products in the package and the next process; before and after the PC fashion and between the power supply; after the unpacking but not used up the IC.BGA PC; waiting for the soldering of the soldering furnace Devices; devices that are to be warmed up after baking; products that are not packaged are subject to moisture. The finished electronic machine will also be exposed to moisture during storage. If the storage time is too long in a high-humidity environment, it will cause a malfunction, and the CPU of the computer board will oxidize the gold finger and cause a malfunction. The production and storage environment of electronic industry products should have a humidity of less than 40%. Some varieties also require lower humidity.

When it comes to the production and storage of electronic components, we must regulate the control of temperature and humidity to avoid unnecessary loss of production and inventory due to temperature and humidity. The next article will share with you how to use modern means. To manage the temperature and humidity storage environment of electronic products, welcome to discuss.