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Why do electronic circuits need protection?


In various electronic devices, setting overvoltage protection and overload protection becomes more and more critical, so what is the meaning of circuit protection? Summary points below
1. Because the integration of today's integrated circuit boards is getting higher and higher, the price of pcb boards is also rising, so people need to strengthen protection measures.
2, semiconductor devices, lC's operating frequency has a lower and lower development trend, and the significance of circuit protection is to reduce energy consumption, reduce heat problems, increase the use period.
3, in-vehicle machinery and equipment, taking into account the application of the natural environment standards are more extreme than ordinary electronic equipment, the car driving conditions change, the car starts a large moment of peak operating voltage. Therefore, in a power adapter for such an electronic product accessory product, an overvoltage protection electronic component is usually used.
4. Communication equipment and communication occasions have certain regulations on lightning surge. It is important to use overvoltage protection and overload protection components in such equipment. They are the core to ensure the safety of users and communication.
5. The mechanical failures of most electronic devices are caused by overvoltage or circuit conditions in the circuit of electronic products. As a result, the standards for the quality of electronic products are getting higher and higher, and the protection of electronic circuits has become more Can not be ignored.
Then circuit protection is so critical, what are the common circuit protection components? Here are a few simple introductions:
First, lightning protection device
1, ceramic gas discharge tube
2, semiconductor discharge tube
3, glass discharge tube
Second, overvoltage components
1, varistor
2, transient suppression diode
Third, overcurrent components
1, self-recovery fuse
Fourth, electrostatic components
1. ESD Electrostatic Discharge Diode TVS