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Four Common Capacitors


Four Common Capacitors

1.Aluminum electrolytic capacitor : It is made of aluminum cylinder as the negative electrode, which is filled with liquid electrolyte. It is made of a bent aluminum strip as the positive electrode.

It is characterized by large capacity, but it will leak electricity. Large error and poor stability. We often use AC bypass and filtering for signal coupling when the requirements are not high. It belongs to electrolytic capacitors, . which are different with positive and negative polarities.Therefore, we can't reverse when we use it.


2 .Ceramic capacitor: It is made of ceramic as a dielectric, sprayed on both sides of the ceramic substrate, and then fired at a low temperature to form a plate.

It is characterized by small size, good heat resistance, low loss and high insulation resistance, but it has a small capacity and suitable for high frequency circuits.


3.Film Capacitor is also known as Plastic Film Capacitor. It is a plastic film as a dielectric.

 It is characterized by non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics, and low dielectric loss.


4.Paper dielectric: It is made up of a thin film as a medium, an aluminum foil as an electrode, a capacitor that is masked into a cylindrical shape, and then encapsulated by an outer casing or epoxy resin.

It is characterized by a large ratio capacitance, a wide capacitance range, a high operating voltage, and low cost, However, paper capacitor losses are relatively large. They are mainly used for bypassing, coupling, and filtering in circuits with lower frequencies.


About the overstock of capacitors :Inventory is the largest expense for every retailer.

This is a very expensive problem, especially excess inventory causing a short half-life for these capacitors.


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