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5G is coming!


5G is coming! 5G is faster and smarter.
It is often said that 5G is a large bandwidth and low latency. A 10G video, 4G download takes 15 minutes, 5G only takes 9 seconds; unmanned brake intelligent control reaction distance, 1.4 meters under 4G, 2.8 cm under 5G.
If 2G, 3G, 4G generations of mobile communication technology are likened to continuously widening the road and let more cars run, 5G uses technology to continue to widen the highway while planning the road to achieve diversion and improve utilization. effectiveness.
For example, the slicing technology, Wang Yingmin, chief engineer of Datang Telecom Group, said that in a building, some people use the network for telemedicine, some people have WeChat chat, 5G network design will automatically enable telemedicine to obtain faster and more reliable network resources, 5G can be based on Different industries and user needs, automatically realize the distribution network of different categories.
For example, using edge computing technology, data can be transmitted to the remote cloud without being transmitted to the remote cloud. This enables the nearest distance and the shortest time to push the resources needed on the network to the user.
Here are a few common questions about 5G:
1. Do you want to change your phone with 5G?
The answer is yes.
4G mobile phones cannot receive 5G signals, and 5G mobile phones can still receive 4G signals.
Looking forward to the 5G era of mobile phones, the shape will be more yuan, folding screens, curved screens, etc., will become the direction of mobile phone manufacturers in a period of time.
Ma Hongbing, general manager of the operation and maintenance department of China Unicom Group, said that the 5G mobile phone has high resolution and fast transmission speed, and the battery capacity requirement is further improved.
At present, mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung have launched prototypes of 5G mobile phones. The industry expects that in the second half of this year, there may be about 5G mobile phones in China at around 5,000 yuan, and the large-scale listing of 5G mobile phones may be next year.
Is there a 2.5G network?
Local areas already exist, and large-scale coverage will have to wait a second.
Beginning in 2018, the three major operators have carried out 5G tests in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiong'an and other places to build small-scale test areas. This is also preparing for commercial trials in the second half of this year and commercial use next year.
This year, the National People's Congress and CCTV Spring Festival Evening also built a 5G network. The industry predicts that many cities, such as train stations, airports, terminals and other public places, will first experience 5G.
Huang Qingxia, general manager of China Railway Tower Communication Development Department, said that the 5G network base station has a high density, and the number of 5G base station construction will exceed 4G in the future. Fully sharing existing resources can realize 5G low-cost fast network deployment.
"In the second half of this year, with the issuance of trial licenses, operators will begin to deploy 5G trial commercial networks from major cities." Ma Hongbing said that trial commercial users are expected to experience 5G networks in the second half or the first half of next year.
Is 3.5G expensive?
In the early days, it was similar to the 4G era. The long-term decline in the unit price of traffic tariffs is a trend.
Industry experts predict that in the early days of 5G, consumers may not feel the obvious changes in 5G network services and tariffs, because the network coverage is far less than 4G, and because there are not many 5G applications.
What effect does 4.5G have on you?
The industry often says that 4G changes life and 5G changes society.
5G is coming. Ordinary people may first come into contact with 4K, 8K live, VR, AR games, etc., and experience the "full scene" and "immersive" effect. At present, remote medical treatment, automatic driving, and drone operations based on 5G networks are also beginning to explore applications.
In the 4G era, the connection between people and people has almost been completed. 5G will realize the connection between people and things, things and things, that is, the objects in the family, office and city will be connected to wisdom and intelligence. Under the 5G, the Internet of Things can have more than one million connections per square kilometer. The era of all things connected will come.
"4G has changed a lot of service industries, and 5G has great potential in changing industries, especially industrial robot applications will be further expanded." Cao Lei said.
What will happen after 5.5G?
Domestic research has begun on 6G, and the consensus is based on artificial intelligence.
Towards intelligence is an inevitable trend of communication technology and network technology. The 6G network architecture must be designed to meet the needs of human deeper intelligent communication.
For the future, you need to open your imagination.
For example, a network sensing device under 6G may collect information such as pictures, odors, temperature, humidity, and light in real time.
For another example, a research article by Zhang Ping, a professor at the School of Information and Communication Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, proposed that 6G not only includes the three elements of human, machine and object under 5G, but also designs the fourth element that exists in the virtual world. This is a human artificial intelligence super assistant who will combine objective and subjective decisions.
In short, the future is not far.
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