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2018 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair


2018 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair

This largest electronics sourcing show would be opened in HK during October 11-30, 2018. Over 9,000 booths of the latest products would be shown on this fair. The show is held every April and October at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, attracting volume buyers from more than 140 countries to see manufacturers and suppliers from China, Korea and across Asia. Ninety percent of exhibitors are exclusive to the show.

Not only does this cut out lengthy email conversations, where your requirements can be easily misunderstood, it helps you get a feel for the right supplier and start building a relationship with them.Trade shows also give sellers a chance to get hands on with potential products. In the age of the internet sellers can be all too tempted to source products without ever seeing them. At trade shows, sellers can get their hands on sample products, test them out and make a far more informed decision on which products to source.

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